Why Creators Also Need to Be Planners, Even Though They May Hate It


Do you consider yourself to be a creator? If so, you may have come up with a fantastic idea for a new business and are now looking for ways to set yourself up as an entrepreneur. However, don't let enthusiasm get the better of you and make sure that you properly think this through before you proceed. What are some of the key areas to focus on while you make your decision?

28 November 2017

5 Reasons Small Business Owners Should Switch from Paper Accounting Systems to Online Services


Many small business owners prefer using paper systems to keep track of their finances. This can work well, but there's really no need to soldier on with paper and pen when there are so many excellent online accounting services for business owners to use. Here are just five advantages that come along with making the switch. 1. Reduced Costs As a small business owner, you'll want to make sure that your costs are kept low, and an online accounting service can help make that happen.

11 January 2017

4 Types of Working Capital Financing to Consider for Your Small Business


Do you own a small business? Read on and discover some of the different forms of working capital financing that you can select from when you need funds for your business activities. Accounts Receivable Financing Accounts receivables refer to the money that the companies to which you supplied goods or services owe your small business. Such unpaid sums can put a strain on your operations because you may lack capital to run other daily activities of your business.

20 September 2016

Finding an accountant for your startup


When you are just starting up a technology business, it can be very important to find the right accountant. Not only can they help to minimise the tax you pay in the short term, but they can also help to keep a track of your expenses to minimise the tax bill if you do get bought out by a big investor.  Research and development (R&D) tax benefits If your startup is in the technology field and is working on either generating new knowledge or processes and has an uncertain outcome, then you may be eligible for an R&D tax offset.

16 August 2016

Why You Should Outsource Services for Your Accounting Needs


With the online community growing by the day, more and more businesses are using this platform to streamline how they operate. You now can reach out to a host of individuals to provide you with services related to your business, no matter what industry you are part of. One of the services that more and more business owners are opting to outsource is accounting. The following are some of the reasons why you should outsource these services for your business' accounting and bookkeeping needs.

11 August 2016

Tying the knot and merging accounts - financial planning before marriage


While many couples undergo marital counselling before they marry to discuss values, it can be just as important to have a joint financial planning session to make sure you have joint financial goals. Here are some of the issues that can be useful to cover.  Existing debts These days many couples start married life with a variety of debts that they have accumulated before marriage, including credit cards, car loans, personal loans and other forms of debt.

20 June 2016

Why Use an Accountant Versus a Computer Program to Do Your Taxes?


Using a computer program to prepare your taxes may seem very simple, and of course it's usually more affordable than hiring an actual accountant to guide you through tax season. However, when it comes to your money and especially preparing your taxes, you don't want to only think of the cost of a program versus a professional; in the long run, it can save you money when you hire a professional to manage your taxes for you.

20 May 2016

3 Signs You Might Need a Tax Accountant This Year


Not every person will need a tax accountant to handle their tax returns every single year; if you have a regular job and your employer takes out taxes for you, it can be simple enough to just fill out the paperwork for your taxes and submit them by the appropriate deadline. However, not every person works a "regular job" and many people have other income, deductions, and plans for their money that can affect their tax returns, making them very complicated.

27 April 2016

3 Clever Ways to Cut Down the Tax Liabilities for Your Business


When you start a business, you need to be ready for the obligations that come with it. Besides regular business expenses, you will also be required to remit taxes to state authorities after a certain period, depending on the tax structure that you select. Even though paying taxes is a legal requirement, it does not mean that the authorities prohibit you from reducing your tax obligations. In fact, most tax authorities provide legal channels that can help you lower the amount of taxes that you pay.

27 April 2016